Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lets kiss and make up

My dearest model #Cl 50000PRW sewing machine,

I cannot express with words how very sorry I am that our relationship flatlined. When I saw your ad on the internet two years ago, I was confident we would make a perfect pair. I envisioned us blissfully happy, side by side. Our first meeting was utterly beautiful. You gleamed and shined beyond my wildest expectations. But as time went on your complexities began to frustrate me. I found it difficult to get aquainted with you intimately and could not figure out which of your buttons to push and which ones not to . I allowed my own "issues" to get in the way of us and our future together. I recklessly abandoned you. I hope you will forgive me and allow me to return you to your proper place in my life. I promise to practice more patience with you. I think it's not too late for us. I still believe we can make beautiful magic together.

welcome home you handsome devil

Fondly yours,


"Hold a true friend with both your hands."
                                          ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche